Strategic vision and commitment to optimizing your reputation

An independent public relations agency offering services across the board, PUR PR operates across a range of professional sectors: from the private sector to public institutions, via non-profit associations and cultural organizations. We are proud of our many years of experience in the sectors of economics, pharmaceuticals and medicine, industry, watchmaking, arts and culture, the hotel industry, sport and property, as well as luxury goods.

PUR PR offers you a strategic vision, cutting-edge experience and unswerving commitment to your cause.

A network of professionals

Registered in an individual capacity with the Register of Commerce, PUR PR is a simple company that draws on a network of highly qualified specialists in communication: web specialists, digital agencies, experts in strategies and branding as well as in e-marketing campaigns, web designers, specialists in e-commerce, journalists, graphic designers, translators, printers…

A network of professionals at your disposal, offering a true multi-gear strategy.

What sets us apart

With us, there are no long speeches and no window dressing. We offer you something concrete and tangible, a constant commitment dedicated to your cause, to your image, and to your reputation. At PUR PR, we don’t spend our time promoting our own agency: all our efforts are concentrated on the visibility of your organization or your brand.

PUR PR offers a service that is tailored to the real and specific needs of your organization. Planning is key in determining the action that needs to be taken: this is at the very core of our philosophy.

The success of any PR strategy relies on a comprehensive analysis of the situation and on a perfect understanding of the philosophy of the business, of its mission and the objectives that it pursues. Only a special relationship with your business can allow us at PUR PR to develop and optimize a PR strategy that is relevant and effective for you. One that in turn will boost your visibility and your entire business.

We like to work with our clients on a long-term basis and to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust, with common goals to achieve.

And it is at this stage that the creativity and expertise of our public relations consultancy make all the difference.

Mission statement

Our mission is to anticipate trends and to offer you strategic guidance that is tailored to your needs. On a daily, operational basis, our thorough expertise, our proven experience in the field and our unmatched passion will help you to achieve your business’s objectives – because more than anything we want to contribute to your visibility effectively, because we never get tired of showing you in the best light possible, and because this commitment is etched in our DNA.

Our mission is to promote YOUR expertise with your audience.

The team

Christine Urfer

Christine is a public relations consultant and specialist in corporate communication. She has more than 25 years’ experience in public relations, at a European and international level (in agencies, in integrated service and as head of PUR PR). A former editor and copywriter with the Trimedia-CIPR agency in Geneva, she was also head of commissions at the DR Consultants agency in Vevey before joining Sotheby’s, the world’s leading auctioneer, as head of the press department for Switzerland under the chairmanship of Simon de Pury, and subsequently deputy head of corporate communications in the directorship of SRG SSR idée Suisse under the chairmanship of Armin Walpen.

Christine went freelance in 2001 before giving her organization the name PUR PR. The name (‘pure PR’) encapsulates her professional ethics and is the perfect definition of her philosophy and approach.

Educational background

□ Diploma in translation at the DOZ School of Translators and Interpreters (Dolmetscherschule Zürich, 1989), French, German, English
Because we are passionate about language, and because we want to be sure that we are speaking the same language, no matter which individual one it is!

□ Federal diploma as specialist in public relations (ISRP-SAWI, 1991)
Because PR can’t be improvised on the hoof. It’s learnt through concrete experience in the field and on-the job training.

□ Course certificate as consultant in public relations (ISRP-SAW1, 1998)
Because strategic consultancy allows you to reach for the sky and to have a real vision

□ Course certificate in academic medicine, first cycle Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology,(ESSR , 2015)
Because specializing in the medical sector as well helps one to become a trustworthy partner for our clients who specialize in the pharmaceutical, medical or paramedical sectors

□ Certificate in Digital Strategy (CREA , 2015)
Because the digital era shouldn’t just be a millennials’ playground!

Denise Mammino

After her studies in literature, Denise joined the PUR PR team in 2015 as an intern and thus began her career in the exciting field of PR. A year later, she became a PR assistant and embarked on a new challenge: obtaining a federal patent as a public relations specialist.

Educational background

□ Bachelor in Foreign Languages and Literatures F/ESP (University of Bologna, Bologna, 2012)
□ Master ès Lettres (UNIL, Lausanne, 2015)
□ Federal Certificate in Marketing and Communication, Markom, (SPRI, Lausanne, 2016)
□ Training for the Federal Public Relations Specialist Certificate (SPRI, 2016 -2017)