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GemGenève 4th edition

5 – 8 May 2022

Feel the world in our gems. Find your gems in our world 

GemGenève sold out! 

160 exhibitors registered for GemGenève and 16 countries represented

GENEVA, 7 MARCH 2022 – The 4th edition of GemGenève will take place from 5th to 8th May 2022 at Palexpo. GemGenève organisers, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, have announced there will be 160 exhibitors from all four corners of the earth. This new spring edition already looks extremely promising, this time with a taste of rediscovered freedom. Once again, GemGenève holds many surprises and previously unseen discoveries for both visitors and exhibitors. The show offers a 360 degree foray into the heart of the world of jewellery, precious stones, rare and unique gems, antique jewellery, historic and contemporary creations. Past, Present, Future… bringing the best in jewellery design to GemGenève!

Thomas Faerber emphasises, ”After the success of the November 2021 edition – The Challenging Edition, we committed to continuing our mission with the same intention to bring together the best of what is being produced in the field of jewellery and precious stones”. Ronny Totah adds: “The palpable enthusiasm of our exhibitors pushes us to renew ourselves with each edition, while still respecting the event’s DNA. The aim is to maintain the show, designed by the exhibitors, on a human scale, bringing together the general public, the industry professionals, designers of today and tomorrow, including the schools, as well as laboratories, world-renowned experts and informed speakers on the latest trends. GemGenève is a hub which enables quality discussions and examination of major themes of importance to the jewellery trades.

The 4th edition will undoubtedly have a taste of rediscovered freedom.

In terms of participation, American exhibitors lead the way; closely followed by exhibitors from Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Hong Kong, Belgium, France, Thailand, India and Italy. And then, by companies, from the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Japan, and finally, Austria.

The figures speak for themselves

“It was so encouraging”, reveals Ronny Totah, “to see a 79.82% re-booking rate of returning exhibitors between 2021 and 2022. Moreover, more than 45 exhibitors are participating at GemGenève for the fourth time. We are also welcoming over 20 first-time exhibitors, represented by houses such as Claudia Hamann Edelstein, Constantin Wild, La Galerie Parisienne, and even larger family firms like Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd, and Takat Gems (HK and NY).”

This year, there will be over 160 exhibitors from 16 countries, who are true ambassadors for GemGenève, as diverse in personality as the pieces on display. All these exhibitors are full partners and key players in this show, conceived and designed with them in mind. Together they offer an impressive variety of treasures to discover and acquire: ranging from affordable jewellery via rare and exceptional pieces to antique and historic gems, contemporary creations, and not to mention diamonds, precious stones and pearls…

Always driven by the desire to champion the interests of its exhibitors, GemGenève has taken every possible step to make their visit as convenient as possible, offering a turnkey service for their booth, with tailored, personalised lighting to bring out the best of the pieces. GemGenève is dedicated to offering them the best possible experience in terms of welcome, comfort and hospitality.

GemGenève represents the new generation of professional exhibitions. We remain a show on a human scale with a family feel. A true hub where professionals and jewellery enthusiasts can gather, it has no equivalent right now. Ronny Totah, co-founder of GemGenève


List of GemGenève exhibitors
in alphabetical order



4G’s Trading


A G Color Inc.

A. Rachminov Diamonds

A. J. Mehta & Co LLP

A. Kleiman & Co.

Abouchar SA

Alain Boite SAS

Alex Rieunier Jewels

Alexander Laut

ALine GmbH

Amba Gem Corp.


Arnoldi HC

Arnoldi International

Assil New York


Barbi Diamonds

Bellerophon | Gemlab

Berr & Partners SA

BFT Gems

Bijan & Co, Inc.

Bomare SA

BRG Gems



Claudia Hamann Edelstein GmbH

Colgem-Coldiam Ltd

Colorjewels Inc

Colorline, Inc.

Constantin Wild GmbH & Co.KG

Crown Color

Crystal Art SA


Dany Avlas Diamonds

David & Sohn

David D. Inc.

Deco Collection

Diacraft Inc

Diamrusa Ltd.

Diarough N.V.

Diastar Corporation


Edigem Ltd

Elie Brilliant Gems, Inc.

Ellawala Exports

Emco Gem Inc. / Diamond Distributors Inc.

Emerald 18 Ltd

Ernst Färber



F.C. Pearling

F. Torroni SA



Filippo G&G SA

Fima Diamonds

Frieden AG Creative Design


G. Arabov Diamonds Ltd

G. Torroni SA

E. Goldstein Diamonds

Galaxy USA, Inc.

Galerie Parisienne


Gemcut SA

Glajz-THG Pte Ltd

Glittering Gems DMCC

Global Gems

Golay Fils & Stahl

Gorgoglione srl

Great Diam

Groh + Ripp OHG

Gübelin Gem Lab / Gübelin Academy

Gustav Caesar GmbH


Hakimi A. and Sons


Heritage Gems New York

Horovitz & Totah SA

House of Gems

Humphrey Butler


Ijadi Gem, Inc.


Isaac Davidowits LLC

IsabelleFa – Maîtres Chaînistes


Jack Abraham

Janson’s Import-Export OHG

H. Jaros e.U.

Jerry Blickman Inc.

Joseph Gad Inc.



Karl Faller e.K.

Kasphul Jewels

KGK Diamonds

Kobi Amir Diamond Ltd

Kothari Trading (HK) Ltd


Krashes & Dirnfeld


L.J. West Diamonds

Larengregor SA

Leybel EliEli Diamond Ltd


M.I.D House of Diamonds

Maharaja Gems

Malhotra Inc.

Manak Inc

Marc Princ

Mellen Inc.

Michael Gad Emerald

Moguldiam Bv

Morelle Davidson

Mushan International


Napra Gems


Neli Gems

Nimesh Gems


Noor Gems Japan

Novel Collection


Orpheo Genève


P Hirani Exports

Pace Diamonds

Pamir Gems

Pat Saling Jewel Collection

Paul Fisher Inc

Paul Wild OHG

Periodjewels Inc


Pioneer Gems LLC

Poli Trading Company

Precious Jewels Corporation

Precious Pebbles Inc

Prompt Gem Importers Inc

ProVockative Gems


Rachminov Diamonds 1891

Rawat Gems LLC

Rick Shatz Inc

RMC Gems Limited

Rosy Blue


Safdico International Ltd.

Sant Enterprises Co., Ltd

Sara Gem Corp.

Scarselli Diamonds

Semi Gems, Inc.

Serendipity Paris

Shalom Bronstein Inc

Shapiro Gems

Shree Ramkrishna Exports

SRS Diamonds bv

Steven Neckman Inc.

Sunlight Jewelers

Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF

Swiss Pearls SA

SwissDiam Genève SA



Takat Gems (HK) Co.






Valentini Gems 1927

Van Den Plas & Zonen

Veerasak Gems Co., Ltd.


VMK Diamonds


Wild & Petsch GmbH Lapidaries

Wilds Company Limited

William Goldberg


Yafa Signed Jewels/Maurice Moradof

Yondor Diamonds Ltd

Yvon Gindre SA



Zebrak London


Some highlights from exhibitors

HIGHLIGHTS GemGenève 2022

A selection taken from exhibitors at GemGenève

Brought forth from the earth, the raw stones are transformed and cut by jewellers to become unique creations. GemGenève invites you to discover the most beautiful pieces of jewellery, from diamonds to coloured gemstones, natural and cultured pearls. Antique and vintage jewellery with great provenance and unparalleled sophistication. A unique opportunity to meet professionals and the greatest names in jewellery, including young creative jewellers and influential talents from the world of precious stones.

Constantin Wild – Unique Emotions Since 1847

Constantin Wild offers selected coloured gemstones at the very highest level of quality. The manufacturing facility that bears his name was founded in 1847. His hand-picked portfolio enjoys a worldwide reputation and contains some of the most spectacular beauties on this Earth: paraiba tourmalines, rare imperial topazes, sapphires in various colours, green demantoids and other much coveted rarities. The stones are refined in the company’s own modern cutting shop before they leave the headquarters in Idar-Oberstein.

The new opulently designed publication Gems, Colours & Wild Stories – published in December 2021 – is an homage to and an affirmation of love for the irrepressible diversity of these extremely valuable gemstones.

Book presentation



Great stones, great stories – Gems, Colours & Wild Stories tells emotional tales: tales of the Wild family, firmly anchored in the world of noble stones. The book was brought out in English in December 2021 by Arnoldsche Art Publishers of Stuttgart, and is available at bookshops and online.

Constantin Wild / Nina Hald (eds.)

With contributions by Vivienne Becker, Katinka Champion, Maria Doulton, Richard Drucker, Çigdem Lüle, Katerina Perez, and Gary Roskin.

For further information about the book, please click on this link


Claudia Hamann Edelstein 

Claudia Hamann Edelstein was founded 1990 in Germany. The company specialises in emeralds from Colombia, rubies from Burma, sapphires from Siam and Ceylon and fine gemstones from Africa like spinels, tsavorites, tanzanites, garnets, aquamarines and others. They were able to develop the innovative special “Double Rose cut”.

Claudia Hamann is an Accredited Ethical Member AEM and member of the following associations: International Colored Gemstone Association, ICA; German Gemmological Society, FGG; and Collegio Italiano Gemmologi.


Alex Rieunier Jewels is a company based in France.

Alexandre Rieunier’s experience at Boucheron and then Christie’s

enabled him to specialise in antique jewellery from the 19th and 20th Centuries, especially jewellery from aristocratic families and old Europe, such as antique diadems and parures.

The company also offers charming gemstones such as old cut diamonds and coloured stones.

Specialised in 18th to 20th century antique jewellery, loose stones and diamonds.


Ring by Lalique


SRK Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd

At GemGenève for the first time, SRK has been an epitome of trust in the diamond industry for over five decades. The company has mastered all aspects of diamond manufacturing — supply (accessibility through trade relations), manufacturing (scalability through automation), quality (reliability through training), enterprise (inventory through technology) and sustainability (responsibility through knowledge).


Elie Brilliant Gems

Elie Brilliant Gems, third generation of the Abi Jaoude family wholesale diamond business, is a purveyor of rare coloured diamonds, offering GIA or HRD certified fancy colour and white diamonds as well as precious rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Headquartered in New York City, with business partners in major cities like Antwerp and in the Middle East, the company has its own team of diamond cutters and polishers, and production experts to create the most magnificent fine jewellery.


Yellow pear-shaped diamond


Takat Gems HK

Rare & unique Gems, Est. 1995

TAKAT’s company founder, Haji Nisar Ahmed Takat, comes from an ancient Indian family of precious stone craftsmen. They originate from the historical city of Jaipur, renowned for its roses, which speaks to the poetry, passion and compassion that inspires this family.

Haji Nisar Ahmed Takat had a passion for exquisite colour. He had heart focused on continuing the family trade and building a future for his family, and an eye for gems that would yield the most impressive results. In 1955, he opened his first precious stone cutting and polishing business in Jaipur, and in 1976, with sons Siraj Ahmed Takat and Rafeeq Ahmed Takat joining the business, he began trading operations.

Today, that original location remains as the TAKAT world flagship.


Precious gems and elaborate pieces with exquisite colours


Horovitz & Totah SA

As a family tradition over the past three generations, Eric Horovitz & Ronny Totah have been partners in Geneva. After ten years working together at Horovitz & Cie, they founded Horovitz & Totah S.A. in Switzerland, a family company joined by Ronny’s two daughters and his nephew.

They offer a wide variety of precious stones and jewels made out of the most exclusive diamonds from any colour range as well as sapphires, emeralds, rubies and natural pearls.

Over the years, they have become the specialists for Kashmir sapphires and natural pearls.

Member of the board of the Swiss Gemmological Laboratory (SSEF) since 1990, Ronny Totah’s policy is to deal with natural and untreated gems only, thus making the company proud and honoured to have acquired a trustworthy reputation throughout the whole world.


Antique Enamel snake necklace set with Emeralds, Diamonds and Rubies. Circa 1890


IsabelleFa – Chain masters

The art of traditional chainmaking

IsabelleFa establishes world standards for the art of chain-goldsmithing. To the present day, traditional craftsmanship techniques are consistently used in the manufacture of chains, collars and bangles. Over a period of several weeks, sometimes even months, the scrupulous handwork is carried out step by step by skilful masters to produce just one piece of jewellery. The handcraft that almost drifted into oblivion is incomparable with mass production in terms of beauty and quality. IsabelleFa is exhibiting at GemGenève for the second time.


Beautiful Choker Navette 21 Rose gold, open and closed


Glittering Gems DMCC

Glittering Gems DMCC is a family business that takes pride in being one of the largest manufacturers and procurers of old cut, rose cut and antique cut diamonds. Their diamonds range from small sizes to as large as 100 ct plus diamonds. Their collection of unique diamonds is also complemented by a vast collection of gem quality Colombian Emeralds, Burmese Rubies, Kashmir Sapphires and Natural Basra Pearls. From procuring rough diamonds, to rough planning, then overseeing the manufacturing process every step of the way, the company has complete quality control at every level. This ensures that each piece made is perfection. The vision is to create a “one-stop shop” for every inspired jeweller, giving them the rare diamonds and precious stones to bring their creations to life.


Antique cut diamond


Faerber Collection, exceptional gemstones and jewellery since 1968

Founded by Thomas Faerber in 1968 in Zurich, today the Faerber Collection is world-renowned for unrivalled expertise in buying and selling rare gemstones, natural pearls, and exceptional antique and historic jewellery, dating from antiquity to the present day. Their offices are in Geneva, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. The Faerber team is able to conduct highly specialised and confidential transactions with dealers, private institutions, and museums across the globe.

In 2021, the team decided to launch the Faerber LAB concept: a creative jewellery laboratory and atelier where innovative contemporary creations and limited-edition capsule collections are designed in-house or co-created with emerging talents and young designers and manufactured to Faerber’s exacting standards of craftsmanship.

In 1998, Thomas Faerber was joined in the business by his children Ida and Max – the fourth generation of this family of expert jewellery merchants. They work closely together, along with co-directors, Alberto Corticelli and Philippe Atamian, to maximise their individual areas of knowledge, taste, skills, and contacts, sharing and uniting Thomas’s single-minded mission, vision, and values.


«Toi & Moi» Diamond and Sapphire Ring & Flower – Ph. © Katharina Faerber


Acetate & Antique Micro-mosaic ‘Candy’ Pendant by Charlotte Angéloz X F•LAB – Ph. © Katharina Faerber

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This press release, as well as HD illustrations may be downloaded by clicking here.

Health regulations:

GemGenève follows the directives of the Federal Council in regard to health regulations:

Place | Dates | Opening hours

  • Address: Palexpo Hall 7 – Entrance from the covered walkway (on the side of Hall 5)

Route François-Peyrot 30

1218 – Le Grand-Saconnex GE

         Just 10 minutes’ walk from Geneva Airport

  • Dates: 5th to 8th May 2022
  • Opening Times: 10 am – 6.30 pm
  • Price: CHF 50 valid for the duration of the show; free for students on presentation of their student card.

Press Conference / Preview

  • 4th of May 2022, 11am, Palexpo

Media accreditation

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About GemGenève

GemGenève represents a unique hub where jewellery designers, dealers in precious stones, retailers, collectors, connoisseurs and buyers both professional and private can all gather under the same roof. Over the course of four days, GemGenève offers an opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces and to be inspired by a community of specialists in the field of gemmology and jewellery. It is a laboratory of creativity and innovation, bringing together recognised designers and emerging talents; a world of design, of rare gems, of antique and contemporary jewellery. Created by exhibitors for exhibitors, GemGenève offers a platform for expression and exchange that encompasses passion, expertise and education.

For further information, please contact our press office:

Christine Urfer +41 78 619 05 00

This press release, as well as HD illustrations and material made available by the exhibitors may be downloaded by clicking on this link.

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