Commission carried out in partnership with Bantel & Partner : from 2012 to 2014, PR agency assigned to the French-speaking Swiss market with a view to raising the profile of Allergan, a business leader in pharmaceuticals, specializing in ophthalmic, neurological and dermatological products.

Botulinum toxin (Botox) in its medical application: : Explore the broadcast of 13 March 2012, by   ‘On en parle’, RTS (current affairs programme on Swiss national radio)

When perspiration becomes an illness

Some people suffer from excessive perspiration – known in scientific parlance as hyperhydrosis. This condition involves profuse sweating, often in the underarm area but also on the hands, feet, torso, head and so on. This can cause embarrassment and in some cases have a negative impact on people’s social and professional lives. Our brief takes stock of this illness and the various forms of treatment.

Botox in its cosmetic application : Explore the Mise au Point broadcast of 14 October 2012 MAP RTS

Reasons to be cheerful

Increasing numbers of men swear by Botox and its smoothing cosmetic effects. Whether they are company owners, like former swimming champion Dano Halsall, or regular employees, these procedures have become a lifestyle choice for some men, seeking a new lease of life in an ever more competitive world.

What is hyaluronic acid ?  Press trip to the Allergan production site in Pringy, France.

purpr_Revue de presse_Swiss Media Tour to Pringy Manufacturing Facility_29.11.2013

Purpr_Pressreview_Swiss Media Tour to Pringy Manufacturing Facility_29.11.2013