Commission : Supporting and implementing targeted media strategies aimed at raising the profile of Pro Infirmis and its recent work. In particular, PUR PR has been engaged in promoting the interdisciplinary conference‘From repairing human beings to enhancing them: what impact does this shift have on individuals and society?’ at the SwissTech Convention Center – EPFL (26 November 2014), featuring Grégoire de Courtine and Patrick Aebischer as notable participants.
In 2018, the agency was asked to help establish a new interdisciplinary conference, ‘Art and vulnerability: mirrors of our similarities and differences’, 25 April 2018, Fondation Deutsch, Belmont-sur-Lausanne

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Interdisciplinary Conference Art and Vulnerability of April 25, 2018:

Radios talk about it:

Nectar, a show of Espace 2, presented by Nicolas Julliard and Isabelle Carceles on 23.04.2018

Monique Richoz, Director of Pro Infirmis Vaud, Michel Thévoz, Honorary Professor at the University of Lausanne, and Charles Joye, Doctor of Law, initiator and Scientific Director of the Pro Infirmis interdisciplinary conference of 25 April. All three invited by Nectar … (30 minutes of listening)

The 12:30 of the RTS Radio of 23.04.2018 – Presented by Yves Zahno

Jacques Besson, Professor, Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne, Head of the Community Psychiatry Department of the CHUV, and Rosalina Aleixo, CREAHM Artist, who won the first prize for Art Brut in 2017, present the Art and Vulnerability exhibition, set up by Pro Infirmis. This exhibition is held on Wednesday 25 April 2018 at the Deutsch Foundation (30 minutes).

Karmacadraba, LFM, 23.04.2018, David di Franco’s kindly interview

Monique Richoz, director of Pro Infirmis Vaud, and Charles Joye, doctor of law, initiator and scientific director of the interdisciplinary conference of Pro Infirmis of April 25, speak about the theme of the conference. (12 minutes of listening)

The print media also:

Tribune de Genève and 24 Hours in particular, article by Benjamin Keller

Excellent article by Benjamin Keller published 24 April in 24 Hours and the Tribune de Genève on the slow recognition of artists with disabilities. Through the example of Pascal Vonlanthen, artist CREAHM, whose works have seduced Michelle Obama’s stylist, Jason Wu. The rights of the drawings of Pascal Vonlanthen used by the stylist were sold for a few thousand francs. Is it not too little, given the staggering price of New York designer clothes?